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I may be bias, but I have always been of the view that British Press is among the best in the world (yes even The Daily Star). In times of crisis many overlook the front line services they provide and take it as a given that they will report and inform.

The media are some of the first to be thrown into the worst situations. Reporting from war zones, ISIS terror attacks or standing at the foot of Grenfell Tower and absorbing all that grief, and horror, to make it more digestible for the reader, viewer or listener.

Yesterday The Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company agreed to give London’s Excel conference centre, the new Nightingale hospital, rent free to the NHS after an investigation by The Times shamed the astronomical fees they were charging at such an unprecedented time. Our newspapers drive change.

I’m sad to read in The Guardian today how impacted The Mirror publisher is by Covid-19. Furloughing staff and reporters across The Mirror, Daily Star and Daily Express.

We have a country of great storytellers, challenging authority and making a difference. These outlets and publications are also keeping the elderly, less tech savvy, connected. They are making people laugh at such an unusual and unpredictable time. They are a legacy that make British press special.

Next time you do your social distancing online shop add a paper to your basket or head online and subscribe.

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